Your Birthday
Remove Facebook, keep the birthdays

Export your friends' birthdays from Facebook to your calendar

At Your Birthday you'll detach your birthdays calendar from Facebook and make it your own again. We help you export your birthdays from Facebook so you can finally stop relying on them for your birthday reminders. And to make sure your parties stay private we never read, save or touch your birthdays; so no party crashing here!

How it works


Export the birthdays from Facebook

Download your birthdays data from your Facebook events page.


Import your birthdays file

To find and structure your birthdays, we need the calendar data that you downloaded.


Choose which birthdays you want to keep

Let's admit it, some friends are better than others. Pick which birhtdays you want to keep in your new calendar.


Import the birthdays into your favorite calendar app

After picking which friends to keep, you can download a new calendar file that you can import in your favorite app. Now it's time to party!🎉

Ready for this?

Start gathering your birthdays